We use a three-pronged approach when increasing practice revenue:

Whether you are striving to maximize your PPO insurance revenue, want to implement or manage your own In-Office Dental Savings Plan in order to drive cash patients and improve retention, or simply need the tools to determine how to optimize your office fees, our innovative software has a solution.

What is Optimization?

Optimizing your plans includes negotiating, but also showing you how to significantly increase reimbursements through a better structure. Keep your in-network status while collecting higher reimbursements by taking advantage of higher leasing options. The truth is you are likely utilizing multiple leasing arrangements without realizing it, and ALL leasing defaults to the lowest option of several. See the difference below in a recent study.

What is the difference between Negotiating, Advanced Negotiating, and Optimizing?

  • Negotiation Only = Simple requests for increases, similar to what a practice could do on their own.
  • Advanced Negotiation Efforts = Introducing leasing leverage based on current and potential plans using knowledge regarding how insurance carriers lease and the precedence of leasing.
  • Optimizing Participation = Optimization means keeping the same IN network participation, but utilizing better leasing options. Insurance leasing was designed to default to the lowest paying plans. By optimizing, you can continue to be an in-network provider, but take advantage of the best possible leasing options versus being automatically assigned the lowest.

Case Studies

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