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PlanPro creates an online PATIENT PORTAL for every enrolled member. Login to your personalized acount to track your plan details and visit history. Your patient portal adds value by ensuring you can take advantage of all your promised benefits. You can see exactly how much you’ve saved and view what included benefits you have remaining before your plan expires.

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PlanPro is not Insurance or a Dental Discount Plan. PlanPro is a program designed to assist independent dental offices create and administer their own In-Office Savings Plan. Each office develops their own plan, including plan benefits, the enrollment fee, savings and limitations. Your membership is a direct contract between you and your dentist. Please contact your office directly to enroll or renew your plan.

  • Simple Coverage and Reassurance
  • No Monthly Premium
  • No Deductibles
  • No Annual Limit
  • Savings on all Procedures (even cosmetic work!)
  • Affordable Membership Fee
  • Immediate Availablility for the Whole Family
  • Predictable and clear pricing for all services

If you would like your dentist to offer a savings plan, we would be happy to help.

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