Once you’ve completed plan development and software setup it’s crucial to promote your new program to patients in your office and surrounding area.

Internal and external marketing will play an essential role in the success of your program. There are countless marketing options, the biggest mistake is to do nothing. Good intentions will not sell your plan or attract new patients. Take the time to sit down and decide the best marketing chanels for your area and the demographic you are looking to attract. Then assign someone on your team to take action with clear goals, due dates and follow through!

The PlanPro marketing starter kit is provided so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Each marketing design is customized to fit the decisions you made for your program, complete with your practice logo.

Planpro Marketing Starter Kit

  • Introduction Letter
  • Front Desk Displays
  • Trifold Brochure
  • Social Media Posts
  • Envelope Stuffer


  • Explanation of Benefits
  • Patient Enrollment Form
  • Renewal Letter


  • Update Practice Website
  • Add plan information across social media sites
  • Consider paying for social media advertising- targeting a specific demographic.

Internal Marketing

  • Print and frame office displays.

  • Mail/email the introduction letter to all patient contacts.

  • Print the trifold brochure and have them available in your waiting room.
  • Add the envelope stuffer to all current mailings including billing.

  • Reach out to inactive patients and patients who have missed recalls. Make sure they know about your savings plan.

  • Pull a report of your uninsured patients. Start calling these patients and let them know you have an exciting new program that will save them money on their dental health. Explain the benefits of your program and invite them to become a member. You can schedule their appointment and get them enrolled over the phone. Follow up with an email explaining your program.

External Marketing

  • Add plan information to all high dollar procedure advertising. “Worried about the cost? Ask us how to save by becoming a member of our In-Office Savings Plan.”
  • Ask for referrals- your plan patients and other loyal patients have friends or neighbors who will benefit from saving money on their dental needs.

  • Consider attending community events to offer education on oral health care. Explain that patients don’t need dental insurance, in your office preventative work fees are predictable and affordable.

  • Consider Business to Business Marketing. Is one of your loyal patients a business owner? Start the conversation about how you can work together to offer affordable dental benefits to his/her employees.