FeePro Office Fee Analysis Software

The landscape of dentistry is ever-changing, and so are the fees dentists charge in their practice. Thus prompting important questions: Are my fees too high? Am I charging enough? Where do my fees fall in comparison to my neighboring practitioners? Could there be procedures that other dentists in my area are utilizing, that I should be aware of? e-DentalMarket recognizes that knowledge is REVENUE when establishing and updating your office fees. FeePro is an easy to use app that will give you answers.

Before we start developing your savings plan, it is important to gather information on your current UCR fees. The percentage of savings you can profitably offer will depend on where your UCR fees fall for your area. If your fees are where they should be, you have room to offer savings. If they are too low, you will need to decrease the savings percentage offered. You do not want to offer a discount on top of a UCR fee that is already significantly low.

Your complete fee analysis will be generated using FeePro. FeePro pulls from the largest database nationwide and sorts the information by geo-zip. Meaning, the benchmarks are specific to your area and extremely comprehensive and accurate.  The information reported is compiled from insurance claims, not surveys taken from a few practices in the area like many competitor’s data. You can trust this information and make informed decisions for each individual code. As a FeePro member, you have access to this data through your e-DentalMarket account 24 hours a day.  You can use this tool for a complete fee analysis or to analyze a few specific codes at a time. Our user-friendly software includes frequency (number of units billed in your area in the last 12 months) as well as custom calculators to project how increasing fees will increase profitability. FeePro benchmark details are updated every six months.

FeePro is Color Coded for easy analysis. Green and black are healthy- no need to make adjustments. Red and yellow show low fees. Please pay careful attention to any fees that are shown in red. If a red code is one of your frequently used codes or falls in your top 30 most profitable codes, it should be increased.

If you would like to make any adjustments, they should be finalized before calculating the cost of your savings plan and the savings percentage offered. The fees for preventative codes that are included in your savings plan will be used when calculating the cost of your plan. The fees for the other procedures in your office will be considered when deciding the savings percentage offered.