Q.  How does my UCR Fee affect my In-Office Savigns Plan?

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When offering an inoffice savings plan it is extremely important to maintain an office fee schedule that is in line with benchmarked percentages since you are disocunting yoru office fee for members. Typically we recommend setting fees at the 80th percentile or greater when offering an in-office savings plan. You don't wnat to offer a

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Q.  Is PlanPro Insurance?

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An In-Office Savings Plan can easily resemble an insurance plan if it is implemented INCORRECTLY. If your savings plan is presented like an insurance plan, the Insurance Commission will probably treat it like one. We guide you through the process of defining your savings plan and make sure it is clear that your plan IS

Q.  All my patients are fee for service, why would I introduce a plan to offer a discount?

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Great question. A savings plan develops ideal patient behavior. It’s uncommon for even the most loyal cash patients to consistently keep up on their preventative appointments. Once a patient prepays to become a member, they are motivated to take full advantage of their benefits. This includes coming in for their cleanings and exams as well as following

Q.  How can a Savings Plan act as a retention tool?

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Almost all practices report that retiring professionals lose access to all dental health benefits. These patients have been conditioned to think they can not go to the dentist without 'coverage'. They quickly begin putting off treatment and missing hygenie appointments. An In-Office Savings Plan replaces their dental insurance. It offers the assurance of affordable coverage

Q. What is PlanPro?

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PlanPro is an In-Office Savings Plan consultation service and software. Adding PlanPro to your team provides experiece and a step by step action plan to create, improve and manage a successful program. Our team is here to guide you and provide the necessary tools so you can make informed decisions that best fit the needs

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