Q.  What is an In-Office Savings Plan?2020-03-24T21:19:36+00:00

An In-Office Savings Plan is a direct agreement between you and your patient that allows your patient to prepay for routine dental care in exchange for exlusive saivngs.

Q.  How does an In-Office Savings Plan Work?2020-03-24T21:20:02+00:00

Patients enroll and pay an upfront annual (or monthly) fee directly to your office. In return, they recevie preventative care throught the year – plus savings on more advanced and elevtive treatement in yoru office.

Q.  All my patients are fee for service, why would I introduce a plan to offer a discount?2020-03-24T21:20:17+00:00

Great question. A savings plan develops ideal patient behavior. It’s uncommon for even the most loyal cash patients to consistently keep up on their preventative appointments. Once a patient prepays to become a member, they are motivated to take full advantage of their benefits. This includes coming in for their cleanings and exams as well as following through with the treatment prescribed. Studies show plan patients spend more than non member fee for service patients. Think of it as the ‘Costco Effect’.

Q.  How is a Savings Plan different from New Patient promotions?2020-03-24T21:24:03+00:00

A new patient promotion is a loss leader to attract paitients to your office. HOWEVER, there is no guarentee these patients will return to your practice or complete treatment in your office. In fact, for the price sensative patient, new patient promotions encourage office hoping. An In-Office Savings Plan is effective for 12 months. The included benefits bring the patient back into your office at least a couple of times and the savings on additional dentistry encourages case acceptance. Their plan isn’t valid in any other dental office and can be renewed year after year creating true patient loyalty.

Q.  How can a Savings Plan act as a retention tool?2020-03-24T21:22:19+00:00

Almost all practices report that retiring professionals lose access to all dental health benefits. These patients have been conditioned to think they can not go to the dentist without ‘coverage’. They quickly begin putting off treatment and missing hygenie appointments. An In-Office Savings Plan replaces their dental insurance. It offers the assurance of affordable coverage even when they are no longer insured.

We are also noticing a growing number of employers who are forced to opt out of dental coverage due to increased costs. When your patients loose coverage due to employment changes, your savings plan will be the perfect solution to keep these patients in your office.

Q. What is PlanPro?2020-03-24T21:22:32+00:00

PlanPro is an In-Office Savings Plan consultation service and software. Adding PlanPro to your team provides experiece and a step by step action plan to create, improve and manage a successful program. Our team is here to guide you and provide the necessary tools so you can make informed decisions that best fit the needs of your practice.

PlanPro will expedite the process by providing FORMULAS AND DATA to ensure profitability, FORMS AND TEMPLATES to decrease the time it takes to get started, MARKETING SUPPORT to increase success and PLANPRO SOFTWARE, the business tool to take care of all the tracking details.

Q. What is PlanPro Software?2020-03-24T21:22:44+00:00

PlanPro software is a cloud-based software tool that works in conjunction with your practice management software to manage your savings plan details. It allows you to isolate savings plan patient revenue and automate the tracking process. PlanPro software provides the statistics you need to make informed decisions about your savings plan program. Your data is organized and displayed in real-time charts and reports. This information has proven to help keep the entire office motivated and invested in the program.

Q.  I already have a “discount plan” in my office. Do I need PlanPro?2020-03-24T21:19:15+00:00

PlanPro is not specifically for practices who are just starting a savings plan program. If you already offer a plan in your office, I’m sure you’ve noticed how much time it takes to manually track enrolled patients, program revenue, consumed benefits, expiration dates and renewals. PlanPro makes things easier on your front office team by doing all the work. Our cloud-based software will automatically pull infortmation from your practice management software, generate real-time data, email progress reports, and send out renewal notifications. Our goal is to help you develop a more successful program without adding stress to your team. PlanPro Software is the key to continued success.

Q.  Is PlanPro Insurance?2020-03-24T21:19:05+00:00

An In-Office Savings Plan can easily resemble an insurance plan if it is implemented INCORRECTLY. If your savings plan is presented like an insurance plan, the Insurance Commission will probably treat it like one. We guide you through the process of defining your savings plan and make sure it is clear that your plan IS NOT INSURANCE. It is widely agreed that In-Office Savings Plans are not insurance and therefore do not fall under the regulatory role of a state insurance department.

Q.  Is PlanPro a third-party savings plan?2020-03-24T21:18:55+00:00

NO. While the concept of attracting and providing coverage to uninsured patients is the same, third-party plans cut into your revenue and limit your control. PlanPro is a service that allows you to create and run your own INDEPENDENT In-Office Savings Plan.

Q.  What is Integration?2020-03-24T21:18:47+00:00

Integration is the process of incorporating or combining the data available in your practice management software (PMS) with e-DentalMarket software. Integration takes the place of the data entry process. More specifically, with integration, you will not have to manually enter your office fees or patient information into e-DentalMarket. This information will be pulled from your PMS at the time of integration and will continually update. While integration is not mandatory for application use, it will save time and make using our applications even more beneficial to your office. We currently integrate with Dentrix, EagleSoft and OpenDental.

Q.  What if you don’t integrate with my practice management?2020-03-24T21:18:40+00:00

While integration is important for many of our apps, it is not required to access the full benefits of any of them. Even so, we’d like to integrate with as many practice management systems as possible, so, with your cooperation, we’d gladly make you a “beta” client with a temporary reduction in price for your subscription. Speak with an e-DentalMarket representative today and we’ll look forward to working with you.

Q.  What steps do I follow for integration and will it put my system in jeopardy?2020-03-24T21:18:34+00:00

You will receive an email with step by step instructions for this process. A no-cost download gives e-DentalMarket access to install a small utility on your server to push information from your practice management system. The utility will not expose your server and does not have the ability to change information in your PMS. The process of installing the integration utility is all done behind the scenes. We will let you know as soon as this process is complete.

Q.  Why should I update my fees each year?2020-03-24T21:18:27+00:00

Increasing your office fees is normal and expected, and should be done annually, if not twice a year. Keeping your fees in line with help increase insurance fee schedules for your area and help you keep pace with the rate of inflation—something that dentistry has struggled to do in recent years. Since 2011, the very common procedure code D0120 has increased by a whopping $1, or 2%, compared to the cumulative inflation rate increase of 8.5% since 2011. Assuming you are just $10 too low on any one procedure, would you rather negotiate an increase on $100? or $110—multiplied by the many times you perform that procedure?

Q.  How does FeePro compare to other Fee Analysis options?2020-03-24T21:18:20+00:00

There are many options available, however, most of them are created by using dentist surveys and rely on incomplete reporting. The data that FeePro utilizes comes from the nations largest dental insurance base and is created directly from actual insurance claims.  Furthermore, FeePro is loaded with unique benefits that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere: Practice Management Integration, auto-storing your top codes for future reference and review, scenario builder to create potential adjustments and calculate the impact, and much much more. Oh, and it’s priced way below the competition- currently at $399/annually instead of $599—much less than comparable solutions.

Q.  How does my UCR Fee affect my In-Office Savigns Plan?2020-03-24T21:18:13+00:00

When offering an inoffice savings plan it is extremely important to maintain an office fee schedule that is in line with benchmarked percentages since you are disocunting yoru office fee for members. Typically we recommend setting fees at the 80th percentile or greater when offering an in-office savings plan. You don’t wnat to offer a discount on top of a UCR fee that is already too low.

Is NOT insurance, a Dental Discount Plan OR a Third-Party Savings Plan

PlanPro guides dentists through the process of creating and successfully managing an INDEPENDENT In-Office Savings Plan.

PlanPro in NOT Insurance

PlanPro removes the middleman and keeps the relationship between you and your patients. There are no forms to file or outside restrictions.

PlanPro in NOT a Discount Plan

PlanPro is a prepayment program. You are not charging your patients for access to a discounted fee schedule.

PlanPro in NOT a Third-Party Savings Plan

Don’t be fooled by participating in Third-Party Plans. While the concept of attracting and providing coverage to uninsured patients is the same, third-party plans cut into your revenue and limit your control.

PlanPro vs Third-Party Savings Plan

PlanPro In-Office Savings Plan

  • In-Office Savings Plans are NOT Insurance.
  • You design your plan(s) and set the enrollment fee based on the need of your practice.
  • You keep 100% of the fess collected.
  • PlanPro creates patient loyality. The benefits provided are only offered in your office.

  • PlanPro is only for dentistry- created by dentists for dentists!

  • Patients deal directly with your office, not a third-party. This is a simple agreement between you and your patient.
  • Patients get preventative care and any other services you choose to include in their annual fee.

Third-Party Savings Plan

  • Third-Party Savings Plans are NOT Insurance.

  • You agree to a pre-designed plan and follow the direction of the insurance company.

  • You may be reimbursed for a portion of a referred patient’s enrollment fee. (Up to 40%)

  • Thir-Party plans can be used at other local offices.

  • Plans are not always dental-specific. They may split their focus with other businessed like optemetry and prescription drugs.
  • Patients are required to go through the third-party company for enrollment and regulations.
  • Patients don’t get anything for being a member except a reduced fee schedule.

You can provide your patients with an affordable dental care option without lining the pockets of the insurance companies.