Your clients are fighting the same uphill battle as other providers across the country- creative insurance companies who continually strong-arm providers to be in network at extremely low reimbursement rates.  We would like to partner with you to help your clients fight back and reduce their dependency on their insurance contracts.  Consultants everywhere are encouraging providers to add focus to the growing number of uninsured patients by way of introducing an in-office savings plan or membership program.  Thousands of practices are trying it. Some are a huge success while others fail. The difference comes down to how the program is setup and managed within each practice.

If you feel any of your clients can benefit from PlanPro, we are confident they will thank you for the suggestion. Our efforts will save them hours of headache trying to figure things out on their own. We provide a turn-key, step by step system AND we have the ONLY tracking software that integrates with multiple practice management software programs.

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